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Sierra Leone Women’s Forum

To mark the 40th anniversary of Sierra Leone’s Independence the Sierra Leone women’s Forum has been collecting reminiscences, views and opinions from Sierra Leonean women around the world talking about Sierra Leone since 1961. It makes very interesting reading and listening. New voices will be added throughout the year.

Visit the Sierra Leone Women’s Forum website : to access the materials.

Some of the material has been used for radio programs on Network Africa on the BBC World service. The latest use was in a broadcast on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 27th April (which can be heard via your internet audio), and for a program on Radio Democracy in Sierra Leone.


Peacelink International

My interest is as a supporter of the LSCP project to save and re-connect the lost children.  To me, that's the future of your beautiful land.  Best regards.

Ralph Otte
Peacelink International
1669 Hollenbeck Ave, Suite PMB 500
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-5402 

 Irish Sierra Leone Support Group

The Irish Sierra Leone Support Group is composed of SL citizens together with Irish citizens who have worked in SL. We are raising awareness of the current situation in SL and we are also lobbying the Irish Govt. to take a greater interest in SL.

Manning Family

 Kissy Bendu Development Association (KIBEDA)

Our main aims to rehabilitate women and children in the Kissy Bendu area who have been  actively participating or drastically affected by the war to reintegrate them into the soceity. We wanted to build a Technical Training School. Presently the president of KIBEDA, Princess Kumba Foryoh is at the LOME Peace Talks.

Princess Kumba Foryoh

The Sierra Leone Old Soviet Students' Association

This organisation is dedicated towards bringing together  all  former and present Sierra Leonean students and graduates of all institutions of learning in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with a view towards contributing to the overall development of our beloved country.

Ali Badara Kargbo

The Sierra Leone Stamp Collector

I am the coeditor of this publication which we publish on the net every two months. In the last two editorials we have tried to call attention to the plight of Sierra Leone:

Don Carter

Conciliation Resources (CR)

This organisation was established in 1994 and to date - in Sierra Leone, Fiji, Somaliland, Russia, Ukraine, the Gambia and Liberia - CR's programmes have involved helping to strengthen the capacities of partner organisations to increase their credibility as contributors to national peace processes. In particular, it has meant sharing models of conflict-related problem-solving which address various conflict issues within specific contexts, ongoing support in the design of programmes, and facilitating access to international human and material resources through training and exchange. The diverse groups with which CR has worked have ranged from grassroots organisations, such as the Sulima Fishing Community Development Project in Sierra Leone, to the Citizens' Constitutional Forum in Fiji, to international non-governmental organisations and government agencies

Conciliation Resources

International D.O.V.E. Assoc. Inc.
(Development, Orphanages and
Vocational Education)

The association was founded in 1998 by former missionaries to Sierra Leone.  Our first concern is for war orphans, child soldiers and widows.  While we are currently focusing on feeding refugees, our programs include setting up orphanages and running vocational training centres to help rehabilitate children and teens.

Visit our website at

We accept contributions towards education scholarships, feeding programs

Matt Crane

African Children's International Foundation (ACIF)
"We are the world, we are the people"

ACIF is a non profit organisation that caters for the development of African children around the world. Our goal is to make a difference in the life of our children, through care and understanding of the challenges they face for a better future in the next millennium.

Please visit our site at

I Khadar 

The Kambia Hospital Appeal

The Kambia Hospital Appeal was formed in 1992 to medically assist the hospital and people of Kambia, northern Sierra Leone. Over 20 people from surgeons downward have worked and trained there. Many local staff has been trained in the UK, and the doctor has just returned from a course at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 500 Traditional Birth Attendants have also been trained there. Most of the equipment we have supplied was lost during the rebel attack in February 1999, but 2 Land Rovers were left in safe keeping. The rebels burned the hospital and we await a full description on it, but we expect to rebuild it. Architect's plans have been provided and costs are estimated to be £2 million, which includes equipment. 

Please read our WebPages at: 

Or contact Godfrey Taylor: