I have been inspired by my Sierra Leonean compatriot, who signs himself only as Sahr T. on the discussion forum of the National Unity Party’s website.  He (or she) recently showed off a fantastic collection of photographs of old Sierra Leone, shot by the famous Lisk-Carew Brothers in the 1880s and early1900s.


Last year, I visited the world famous Hay-on-Wye annual book/literary festival here in the UK - the one that former US President Bill Clinton visited and addressed two weeks ago.  I bought an old second-hand book, Commonwealth Focus, about an exhibition that was held in Australia in 1982, with the theme "130 Years of Photographic History".  It had an assortment of gem quality old black and white photographs from all over the ‘Empire’, and included two of Freetown – one by the Lisk-Carew Brothers and the other by one Dionysius Leomy.  I thought I should share them with you, as they do not feature in the ones that Sahr T has compiled on his album, which you can also reach via this link.



Focus on Sierra Leone



(These pictures have been scanned directly from pages of the book above, and may not therefore be of the very best quality.


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