THE rebel war in Sierra Leone has laid waste vast tracts of countryside and, with that, the hopes and treasured memories of a generation of Sierra Leoneans. 

Nearly all parts of the country have been subjected to routine vandalism and devastation of the infrastructure needed for human survival and industry. While government bears the prime responsibility for rehabilitation and reconstruction, it is incumbent on individuals as well their community organisations and leaders to take initiatives that will help the process of national recovery. 

Focus is pleased, and applauds the fact, that some of our people have started taking initiatives without waiting for government. Today we present one such action initiated by the Paramount of Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia District, who is seeking help for his chiefdom.

Most of the houses in his town, Kambia, were burned down including the hospital. His letter of appeal was brought to the attention of Focus through the good offices of Mr Godfrey Taylor, who wrote: 

"The Paramount Chief of Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia District, Bai Farma Tass Bubu Ngbak III has asked me to assist in raising funds for the rebuilding and renovation of his district.. He says about his people: "As victims of the carnage, I need to find links with good people for their future prosperity" 

I am a trustee of the Kambia Hospital Appeal and have known the Chief for 8 years. I know that he will do all that is possible to assist the people, and I ask for your support for my friends in Sierra Leone."

If you wish to help or respond to this appeal, please contact: 

Godfrey & Pauline Taylor
41 Salisbury Avenue 
GL51 5BT
Or by email:

1.  Click here for the Paramount Chief's original letter of appeal  (May take long to download)

2.  Click here to learn about the Kambia Hospital Appeal